The areas in which we draw up the studies-researches/projects belongs in a wide range of areas under consideration that includes:

  • In the macroeconomic field of research

we undertake studies-researches/projects which concern the entire economy of a country/countries or local economies, where customers are governmental and public sector organizations.

  • In the microeconomic field of research

we undertake studies-researches/projects on industry level such as:

-banking sector,

-real estate sector,

-agricultural sector,

-energy sector, etc.

  • Research in the field of enterprise/corporate level

Specifically, corporates and businesses in the private sector which want to operate or are already active in the markets. Customers are companies that for some reason want to improve their position in the market or in the markets that operate. More we emphasize and prefer to undertake studies/projects of “problematic”-in terms of profitability-companies, with the intention to help them in their smooth transition to a healthy productive and profitable base.

In all these services we offer to customers-companies do not include accounting services, i.e. no tax services as well as services of organizing and supervising accounting services, planning training and signing of financial statements. In other words, we are not and do not operate as accounting firm or as an auditing control firm.

Within this framework of services offered for the full, complete, on time, technical execution of the study/project we follow and apply specific methodologies and techniques which are generally applicable and conform to the rules of modern economic science without this meaning that we do not use tailor-made  economic techniques which take into account the political and cultural context of the country or market for which the study-research/project is under consideration and given that this is required by the nature of the problems examined.

In summary, the procedure we are pursuing in our studies/researches is as follows:

  • The entire study/research for the project (all work) is prepared in our headquarters alone, so, we

seldom move to our client’s headquarters or area. In case that the nature of the study/project is required to move to the customer’s headquarters then the total cost of our travel, short stay and personal safety equally is borne by the customer.

  • We always ask the customer and upon our recommendation the necessary data which will be used

for the study/project that the customer wants us to undertake. These data the customer is obliged to send/deliver to us either this data concerns monthly, annual, three-year, five-year balance sheets, P&L a/s, cash flow statements etc. and when the study involves a company.

  • In any case, our client is assured of the confidentiality of these data and the fact that these data will

not be used for any reason by any third natural person or legal person, other than Trust Economics and a partner chosen by our company and only for the agreed reasons for which our client has requested that the study-research/project be conducted.

  • The preparation, completion and delivery of the study-research/project takes place in three to four

stages depending on the with the subject concerned, which study is controlled and evaluated by the responsible service of the customer. With the assumption of the study and the signing of the contract, we ask for a deposit of our pre-agreed fee.

The customer has the option of choosing between three ways to agree to our fee. Our fee arises either

1. by time-consuming per hour of work (our Hourly rate is available on request).

2. our fee is shown as x% of the total cost of the study/project.

3. we will receive a contract exchange per year of €x which will be paid in monthly instalments depending on the            progress of the work (if the study/work has duration one year and more).

  • Our fee does not include travel costs at the customer’s headquarters. If this occurs, then the total cost of our

travel, short stay and personal safety equally is borne by the customer. In addition, if there are due to the nature of the project requirements e.g. for the use of specialized professional services for certifications part of the project etc. which the services Trust Economics do not provide them the costs for these services are also borne by the customer.

  • We always recommend to our customers to use one of the following two ways to in each phase receiving and reading/evaluating the study/research under consideration. More specifically,

-the customer should deliver to us the e-mail account of each person responsible for access to the reading and evaluation of the study and in each agreed phase delivery of this by us (we usually follow this method).

-in other cases and depending on the nature of the study the client can create an e-mail account on his website where we will post the progress of the study depending on the phase of completion of giving at the same time to our client the possibility of using  Log in service to have access to it each competent.

  • we should mention that for every study-research/project we do we give a warranty period to the

customer and we guarantee the non-existence of defects, monitoring the development at our own risk advising our client of what is needed. The warranty period is twelve (12) months.

If you would like to learn more about our services please read ‘Our General Methodology’ for more information about how we can help you or to simply ask us to get in touch Contact Us


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