(this service is not yet available but will be offered in the future)

Our consultative service and our team of economists will be available to deliver seminars and presentations at key meetings of interested parties and to support events that take place both in public space and in the media.

This service will be developed soon and always based on demand. Its purpose is to offer strategic planning and business planning seminars to corporate councils. This service will be available at an hourly rate upon client’s request.

The purpose of this service will be:

  • To make convincing our argument for any matter under consideration to the decision-makers.
  • To present the main points of our analyses to public and media events.
  • To facilitate and stimulate «brain storming” discussions with senior executives to make the proposed strategies easier to emerge.
  • To provide the necessary arguments for the boards of companies to be helped to make the best strategic decisions.
  • To improve reliability by enabling our customers to benefit from our strong independent reputation.

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