Compared to other independent providers of macroeconomic research, we have three outstanding qualities:

  • The quality and the severe experience of our staff

The work experience of our staff and partners gives us a comparative advantage. Our key people all have extensive front-line experience in many industry sectors and in financial markets and our economists work closely together to enable us to provide the full service which clients need.

The founder and leader of Trust Economics Mr. Athanassios S. Chonthrogiannis (short name, Thanos) is an Economist. He started his career as a Quantitative-Fixed Income Analyst in Global Capital Markets in Commerzbank London (U.K.). He then worked as an Option Trader (junior), as a Financial Analyst and Fund Manager in Mutual Funds industry, as Strategic Planning Analyst in Energy sector, as a Project Controller in the Merchant Shipyard (Merchant & Naval) Building industry and as Chief Economist in Real Estate Investments. He possesses an Economist License in Greece since 2003 and a B Class Accounting License. He is registered in Economic Chamber of Greece with No.Registration 0069786. Currently, he is an economist-researcher in the fields of economic research/business planning and strategic planning, and he is the CEO of the Trust Economics. Trust Economics is a specialized independent economic research, analysis & consultancy business.  Athanassios S. Chonthrogiannis holds a degree in BSc (Econ) in Financial Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London and a postgraduate degree in MSc in Economics & Finance, University of Warwick. He is also the proprietary and Εditor-In-Chief of the online magazine titled “The Liberal Globe”-( the journal of politics, geopolitics, economics etc.

  • The style and substance of our research

It is concise, timely and written in a jargon-free and user-friendly style so everybody to be able to understand it easily. We are acutely aware of the competing pressures on our client’s time. Accordingly, our research is designed so that clients can, if they wish, quickly glean the essential message without reading the whole document.

  • The flexibility of our services

Our research is specialized, and it is provided in a variety of different bundles covering different geographies and sectors. This allows clients to select subject areas and research packages which exactly match their needs.

In addition, in our studies-researches include proposals, given that this is also the subject of our study  and analysis, in order to improve customer readiness in the fields of their business such as communications, transparency, insurance, investment, education, cost analyses and scenarios for the consequences of various adverse events, but also the way of compensating for any risk arising through these scenarios.

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