The founder and leader of Trust Economics is Mr. Athanassios S. Chonthrogiannis (short name, Thanos) who is  Economist. His work experience moves in a wide professional field between managerial and advisory roles. He started his career as a Quantitative-Fixed Income Analyst in Global Capital Markets in Commerzbank AG London (U.K.) and then worked as an Interest Rate Options Trader. He worked also as a Financial Analyst and Funds Manager in Mutual Funds industry, as Strategic Planning Analyst in Energy sector, as a Project Controller in the Shipyard Building industry (Merchant & Military surface and undersurface vessels equally) and as Chief Economist in Real Estate/Property Investments. He possesses an Economist License in Greece since 2003 and a B Class Accounting License. He is registered in Economic Chamber of Greece with No.Registration 0069786. Currently, he is an Economist-Researcher in the fields of Economic Research/Business and strategic planning equally and he is the CEO of the Trust EconomicsTrust Economics is a specialized independent economic research, analysis & consultancy business. Trust Economics is registered in Athens (Greece) both in Chamber of Tradesmen No.Registration 193118 and in G.E.MI. (General Commercial Registry) of the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments. Athanassios S. Chonthrogiannis holds a degree in BSc (Econ) in Financial Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London and a postgraduate degree in MSc in Economics & Finance, University of Warwick. He is also the proprietary and Editor-In-Chief of the online magazine titled “The Liberal Globe”-( the journal of global politics, geopolitics, economics etc.

He is the author of the books titled:

  • “A Development Plan for the Greek Economy & A New Strategy to Boost Growth in Eurozone”.
  • “Purchases, Sales, Investments and Property Portfolio Management”

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