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This book presents a comprehensive plan for the immediate recovery and long-term development of the economies of Greece, the Eurozone/EU and more generally any economy in the world. The Greek economy was chosen as an example because of the large and complex problems it presents for an extended period. The fiscal and macroeconomic strategies presented in the pages of this book can be implemented to a great extent by all the modern countries of the world that want to put their economy to eliminate their state budget deficits, reduce their public debt, without the use of borrowing and without causing a slump in domestic demand and a widening of any recession in their economies, while releasing strong self-driving development policies to absorb unemployment. This growth plan is fully costed with a detailed reference to the amount of funds and expenditures required while presenting the sources of funding for this plan.

In the pages of this book the reader will be informed among others: The managerial strategies that must implement both to eliminate the deficits in the budgets of the private & public social security funds and how to develop their assets. With which strategies will become reality the public good of free-cost healthcare to all citizens and how an NHS system will become viable with surplus budgets for public hospitals also creating thousands number of jobs in public and private health sector equally. The economic policies that need to be implemented to create a new middle-income class in a society and to increase the real income of the citizens without to be presented deflationary problems in the economy. The accompanying conditions for the guaranteed amount of bank deposits in Euro Zone to increase the economic activity and to reduce the size of unemployment. The correct management rule that should characterize the implementation of the fiscal adjustment policy to be applied to any modern state budget so that the fiscal austerity policies to not influence the strong growth rates that are always release in the economy.

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how the fiscal and macroeconomic problems of any economy in the world are solved once and for all, while enabling the re-emergence of social prosperity in all societies of the world.

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