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On the pages of this book, an attempt is made to analyse in detail all those factors that affect the successful selection, the outcome of the investment, the purchase-acquisition, the management of the portfolio of immovable assets, the management of the lease and the sale of the real estate. Citing real estate, we mainly look at real estate for any use, without excluding other immovable assets, such as land, parcels, plots of land, and vacant land. Emphasis is placed on real estate for residential use, but also, we are analysed investments in immovable assets for commercial, industrial, professional use equally.

The purpose of the book is to present to the reader who may be a prospective real estate investor, portfolio manager, market analyst, consultant, agent equally in the field of real estate market as well landlord-tenant, proprietary owner, economics student, and more generally any legal person like a trustee, a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and a Real Estate Investment Company (REIC) who would like to acquire/purchase or sell real estate assets or has a general interest in investments in real estate markets–all those key elements of the real estate markets with aim to make the optimal choice for its unique case. The reader becomes aware of all this information to maximize his profit and to guarantee the smooth flow of the cash flows from its investments, while making effective choices and successful management of his real estates. The management of immovable property of persons, whether natural or legal persons, management which includes the assessment and valuation of investment in real estates, the management of leases and the development of real estates in general to maximise their returns, is an especially important factor in the economic activity and life of these persons. In the modern area of businesses and in modern societies in general, knowledge of macroeconomic conditions, the economic/financial assessment of an investment in real estates, the proper exploitation and development of investment, combined with the right investment options to maximize returns-yields and at the same time reduce risks in real estate portfolios, as well as knowledge of taxation for each case, are the cornerstone for successful real estate portfolio management or property portfolio management. The book also examines the real estate tax system for specific developed economies (EU (France, Italy, Greece etc.), USA, UK, Canada, Australia).

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