Glossary Economics & Finance

The role of this glossary is to present brief definitions of most of the key concepts in economics and finance (in total 1064 names-definitions) as well as security markets (financial, capital, money) with aim the reader to be able to understand and become familiar with the terminology in the analyses that will present in the category economics.

Additionally, we hope that the reader by acquiring intimacy with the economic terminology, he will also love the science/art of economics, giving to it a significant part of his personal time.

In the following glossary we tried to include the most well-known definitions and terms in the field of Economics & Finance. If you still find that a term or definition is missing and you know that it can be included in this glossary, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form of our web-site (Contact Us) and the Trust Economics will edit it and will include it.


Glossary Economics & Finance

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